Are you seeking assistance for mental, behavioral or emotional challenges?

A Place for Peace can assist by:

  • Identifying behaviors, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, or compulsions that interfere with daily life

  • Developing an individualized plan to promote change and accomplish goals


Psychotherapy when appropriate is combined with the following:

  • Experiential therapy - role playing, guided imagery, use of props and other active experiences

  • Mindfulness - being aware of thoughts and feelings with acceptance that they exist in a given moment

  • Influences from other treatment modalities specific to the needs of the client including Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).   


Are you seeking to make changes in your life or accomplish a particular goal? 

A Place for Peace joins with individuals to: 

  • Identify the goal

  • Map out a specific plan of action  

  • Identify barriers

  • Assist with implementation when appropriate


Are you experiencing high stress, mental fog, or chronic pain?  Are you seeking a supplement to your current treatments? 

A Place for Peace provides Reiki:

  • Reiki is a healing technique whereby energy is channeled to the client to activate the natural healing process while restoring physical and emotional well being.  

Team Building

Does your team need a boost in morale, alignment to a common purpose, goal, or target?

A Place for Peace will:

  • Collaborate to identify needs and develop a goal

  • Design an activity to address needs/goals

  • Implement the activity

  • Process effectiveness and discuss any identify barriers to goal accomplishment

Empowerment Programming

Are you in need of self care, connection with like minded people, or support in accomplishing your goals? 

Join A Place for Peace for one of our scheduled empowerment sessions.

Weekend sessions offer:

  • A peaceful environment for introspection and reflection

  • Opportunities for fellowship

  • Group games and activities

  • Mindfulness

  • Yoga

  • Reiki


Day Sessions offer:

  • Opportunities for fellowship

  • Group games and activities

  • Targeted topics that inspire individuals to grow


Empowerment sessions can be scheduled to meet the needs of your community, religious groups, families, friend groups, organizations etc.  

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